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Advertising and Promotion

Stand out from the crowd with aerial photos and videos

Businesses need to be distinctive and memorable in some way to really succeed in today’s competitive world. Prospective customers are constantly bombarded with information from all sides, so not only is it a challenge to get your message through, it’s even more difficult to make them remember it!

What better way to do this than with unique aerial views of your premises, site or offering. At Hummingbird Droneworks we can offer a truly fresh perspective on your organisation, products and services with impressive aerial photographs, videos or films that will most certainly make an impact on your customers. Making such a distinctive first impression will not only stand you apart from your competitors, it will also ensure you are well remembered.

Whether your resouces include several acres of state-of-the-art warehousing, period buildings in their own grounds, an impressive fleet or workforce, we can help them work better for you.

Aerial photography and videography for advertising and promotion

  • Online: On web sites, web portals, social media, online advertising and e-mail marketing.
  • Events: Product launches, promotional events, sponsorship, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, promotional videos.
  • TV: Terrestrial and internet television advertising and program sponsorship.
  • Press advertising: National and local press, magazines and publications.
  • Print: Brochures, leaflets, business cards, posters, point of sale, window displays, signage.
  • Products: Product packaging and labelling.
  • Promotional items: Screen savers, mouse matts, framed pictures, maps, etc.

Why choose Hummingbird Droneworks?

In the UK it is illegal for any individual or organisation to take aerial photographs, videos or film for commercial gain unless they hold an appropriate permit from the Civil Aviation Authority. The term 'commercial gain' means receiving payment of any kind in return for aerial work, including payment 'in kind' such as returning the favour. The fines are large and offenders can even be sent to prison. Furthermore, it's impossible for any operator to obtain insurance cover without having a current CAA Permit, so why risk it?

Hummingbird Droneworks holds the required 'Permit for Commercial Operations' (PfCO) granted to us each year by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our pilots are professionally qualified and BNUC-S™ licenced to fly drones commercially. We are fully insured to carry out commercial operations in compliance with the latest UK and EU regulations. We maintain our equipment to high standards and follow strict operating procedures to minimise risk. More...

Equipped with the latest high resolution cameras and flown by experienced aerial imaging pilots our drones provide unique aerial vistas ranging from spectacular panoramic shots to eye-catching views of premises, events and locations from unfamiliar perspectives. We will always take time to understand your requirements and agree the best way of fulfilling them with you. We will use our experience and ideas to advise and plan the most efficient way of achievng your objectives. We’re also happy for you to be as hands on (or off!) as you like, from leaving us to it, to watching the filming as it takes place and providing further direction in real time.

So whatever you intend to advertise or promote, contact Hummingbird Droneworks to see how we can add another dimension to your plans.

  • Keeping within the Law: We meet the legal requirments for operators providing aerial photography, filming and inspection services in the UK.
  • CAA approved: We hold a current 'Permit for Commercial Operations' issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Professionally qualified: Our pilots are BNUC-S™ qualified and we operate according BNUC-S™ guidelines.
  • Properly insured: We are fully insured to carry out commercial operations in compliance with the latest UK and EU Regulations.
  • Aerial equipment: We use the latest drones with high resolution video and still cameras to shoot HD, Full HD, 2K, UHD, 4k videos and 16 megapixel photos in the standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Production facilities: Our investment in people and I.T. provides high quality professional imaging services which are flexible to meet your needs.
  • Expertise: Over 15 years experience in digital imaging helping clients advertise and promote their products and services, grab attention and make their offerings distinctive and memorable.
  • Aerial photography: From basic unedited still shots to professionally enhanced and optimised photographs in online, digital file and print formats.
  • Aerial videography: From just raw film footage to professionally produced videos in online, digital file and DVD formats.
  • Applications: Web sites, social media, TV and print advertising, promotional events and materials, product packaging.
  • Imaging formats: Digital files, online, print, web sites, apps, youtube, DVD even promotional merchandise.
  • Competitive prices: We are a modern, small company that utilises technology to keep our overheads low and therefore prices to you competitive.

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